24 May, 2016

Take Shampoo in the Proper Way

If take the shampoo perfectly both hair health and hair’s safety will remain fine. Let us know the proper way of taking shampoo when we take bath.

Before shampoo

♦ Many people faces hair loss problem when they take shampoo. It is a common problem during taking shampoo. So if you combed your dry hair before shampoo much of the problem will go away.

taking shampoo proper way is very effective for hair health.

♦ First, soak your hair in warm water. In this case, use light hot water. It is very effective for cleaning hair. The dust layer above the Scalp or die skin become soft when you soak hair in warm water. As a result, it is easy to remove the dirt of base.

♦ If anyone have longhair, in this case soak hair in water and take conditioner before apply shampoo. For those have long hair, the problem is a common, their hair looks healthy from top but middle to bottom their hair looks rough and lifeless. Eliminate the problem conditioning your hair before shampooing.

During shampoo

♦ The main job of shampoo is remove oily look of hair and keep clean by removing dust. So many of us think if we don’t massage heavily for making more foam the hair doesn’t clean properly. This intention is not right. Do not massage heavily it can be make soft of hair’s base. Hair becomes clear when you wash your hair with shampoo.

♦ Many people unnecessary rub the hair when they take shampoo. It causes the hair damage. Many scratch their scalp using their nail to come out dandruff or dirt for cleaning their scalp. If you do this you will face hair loss problem. Scalp may be damage for doing scratching. After shampooing run a finger on your head like comb. Blood circulation should increase when you do this and hair must be clean.

♦ If you regularly clean the hair there is no need to shampoo twice in a week. If your hair becomes excessive dirt in this case when you take shampoo you don’t get excessive foam at first time. In this situation you should apply shampoo second time.

Before Use Conditioner

♦ Many had put conditioner at hair and head. Just apply conditioner to the hair. Don’t apply conditioner at scalp. Because scalp has natural oil and moisture, so it will hamper when you apply conditioner at scalp.

♦ Many people wait long time when they take conditioner. You do not need to wait more than five minutes. Clean conditioner nicely otherwise rash and pimple will be created on body’s back side. In this case clean back side by body cleaning brush and clean water.

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